We all have this one life, but we view it in different ways. A kaleidoscopic scenery; the same life, different view.

Perception is the way one perceives things, it is the conscious understanding of something. Perception is what makes an individual different from another.

I believe that perception can either make or mar ones life. Therefore, you gotta follow through with the optimistic way of viewing life.

Yes, life is not a bed of roses, but it doesn’t have to be a bed of thorns. Yes, all fingers are not equal, but yours doesn’t have to be the shortest. Yes life is tough; problem and pain exist but they must never be allowed to conquer the soul.

Perception in life can be blinded by the frivolous and mundane things in life, you must thus make a decision to consciously live life positively in order to get a better chance in life.

Perception changes, but with the power of good mindset it can only change for the better.

Therefore, do not conform to any form of limiting belief. Perception matters, perception is everything!

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