Little Demons (A short story) by TomilyJones

Kunle was a fine young man from a relatively wealthy home. The ladies man -very eloquent, tall, lanky, with a glowing chocolate skin, soft like that of an infant toppled with a charming smile. As if that is not all, Adekunle has fleet of cars he inherited -because he was the patriarch, having been bestowed with so much love from his late father.
They say a journey of a thousand miles began with a step, but the journey to Kunles de-capitulation actually began with two steps.
Kunle, a graduate of business administration with so much prospect and vision, having graduated with a first class from a prestigious university in Nigeria had destiny smile on him when he became the CEO of EIDON group of companies in Lagos Nigeria at the age of 21 toppling other directors who obviously had more experience than him but grace took him to the pinnacle of his career.

Kunle’s personal assistant walked in briskly avoiding the scorching sun outside, as he made his way straight to kunle’s air conditioned beautiful glassy office, with a cup of coffee in hand as he pressed the door bell.
(The door locked and noise of scrambling in the office)
“Come in John” -Kunle said.
Kunle was a chronic porn addict which later deteriorated to masturbation. These addictions were his little demons which tormented him daily. He tried to stop but his quest for emotional independence and his fleshy desires won’t let him. He was raised by his mother who also had her own ‘little demons’ (social high class) that she forgot what the bible said about parenting.
His demons now matured and gradually ate him from the inside leading me to remember the quote be careful of those delicious delicacies your mind serves you with, because sometimes your mind might be your worst enemy after all the only way a vegetable can lose its value is by allowing the pest abiding on its body to infect it.
John walked with his eyes fixed on Kunle’s falling pants as he made his way from the rest room to his cozy leather seats with a mini silver laptop on his left hand as he could barely hold on to his falling pants with his right hand.
“Sir your flight is due in two hours; we should be on our way to the airport now because our clients in Dubai are already expecting our arrival” -John murmured as he reaches for Kunle’s brief case and makes his way out of his office.
“I will join you soon!” -Kunle replied sharply.
The sky looked so beautiful as he stared keenly from his hotel window at the shade of colors displayed as the sun made it down in the west. The beautiful golden yellow reflection can be seen clearly on the waves as they moved back and forth, accompanied with a cool and calming breeze.
… … …
Loud music echoed through the hallway, as Bukky and Shade made their way past the usher, who had a broad smile of joy illuminating his face. With his subtle voice, he ushered them into the already saturated worship atmosphere.
Sunday service often end within 90minutes but today Pastor Joshua mounted the altar a little behind schedule, as he joined the congregation to enjoy the various ministration by the Drama and choir, who both wowed the congregation with Christmas drama and songs respectively.
Pastor Josh as fondly called by the eldest among elders in his church, Elder John, who happens to be one of the founding fathers and the chairman of anniversary committee to mark the church’s 20th anniversary the following year.
When pastor Joshua ended the service that afternoon with a quote and poetry line nobody seemed to be taken aback except the new comers who were treated to royal welcome and ushered to a room, where they were given a backpack and a bible after their details had been taken. Bukky was waiting outside for her friend, Shade, who couldn’t stop relieving and relishing the fellowship experience she had in Pastor Joshua’s church on the eve of Christmas.
Shade was further elated when she opened her backpack and couldnt believe eyes. Bukky looked vexed, and said “Snap out of it Shade! It is a norm in my church”
They both ruminated and talked about how they were blessed in todays service.
Life will be much more delicious when you spend more time in the presence of the creator and less time in the presence of his creation, was the quote that swept Shade off her feet, as she couldn’t believe how a man of such meager stature and his antecedent -having once headed the dreaded cult group that terrorized the community.
The group was hunted down in the 80’s and were all given prison sentences. Elymas (Pastor Joshua) had the worst hit as he got a 30 year jail term for his involvement in the murder of the son of the then commissioner of police son who happened to be Bukky’s elder brother. He could not stand boldly in front of everyone, especially the family he killed their only son in cold blood. He even gave Bukky a firm handshake and a smirk after service coupled with a depth in the word of God.
Indeed God can use anyone, after all we have all sinned and come short of His glory, how then should we judge and chastise sinners, moreover he said we shouldn’t judge and forgive anyone who trespasses against us, so she understand why her family forgave and even worshipped in his church, although she must agree it wasn’t easy, as Shade was engrossed in the conversation. Bukky reiterated the ordeals her family went through during those sad times.
Tears began rolling down her chubby light skinned chicks, as she beheld the last tangible memory she had of her late brother whom she hadn’t seen since he was committed to mother earth 20years ago.
She stared deep at the portrait of him resting on the grey colored wall of their living room.
Bukky had always lied to herself that she had forgotten about the sad experience, but as Shade mentioned Greg’s name, she bursted into tears weeping profusely. If wishes were horse, Bukky would have wished for her brother to be home for Christmas, not for her but for her aged parent who still havent fully recovered from tragedy, that struck them especially her dad who was just recovering from cardiac arrest. Doctors had even warned that any future attack will result in his demise.
Shade sensing the atmosphere was getting too sad, decided to lighten the already mourning, teary sitting room, as she reached for the plasma TV
From the pages of Bukky’s heart she felt a deep sense of relief, as Shade clasped her into her arms, and whispered warmth into her shivering soul and wiped away her tears and set her in close proximity to the news bulletin at 8pm.

Shade’s past sneaked the sunrise past the rooster, without even serving her a quit notice from her present, sent her straight into oblivion, struck her like lightning thunder, suddenly droplets of tears fell like rain drops, and loud screams of Help, echoed through the walls of the house
Bukky ran as fast as her legs could carry beating Olympic record in the process, as she scrambled to call the emergency toll free lines, fear gripped her as she watched her cousin laid lifeless on the beautiful ceramic tiled floor
Her blood ran cold, fidgeting her heart skipped a beat, when all calls were rejected.
She screamed Shade’s name repeatedly but no response as she laid down her eyes wide open and could barely breadth.
Bukky jolted Shade’s body vigorously as she screams her name but Shade couldn’t muddle any words together, with her eyes wide open like a halogen light bulb.
They finally picked and got to their residence in the nick of time, shade gasping for her breadth. So the doctor had no choice to do a CPR on her and she was skimmed briskly to the emergency ward..
Bukky never had an inkling on what made shade go into shock, all she remembered was that Shade fainted as soon as the entertainment news started airing on the T.V.
Still trying to figure out what could have triggered Shade’s panic attack intermittency, Shades mum looked perplexed and dazed with confusion as to what could have warranted her only daughter to be lying helplessly on the hospital bed as fluids are being passed into her intravenously.

She walks into the lobby with her eyes swollen from the emptying of her tear glands, unleashing them and they flowed uncontrollably. She couldnt bear the thought of loosing another child.
Relax mummy everything is under control, she will be fine I can assure you that your daughter just had panic attack. Dr Tomiwa, your attention is needed in ward 5.
Mummy clutched Bukky into her arms, sobbing as they both added to the growing list of prayer request engraved invincibly onto walls of the hospitals; they both read psalms and chorused hymns and worship songs together.
Mummy sighting the doctor come out of the ICU locked onto his shirt, Dr Tomiwa with a broad smile on his face, calmed her down and said “Ma you can go see your daughter now”.
Mum and Bukky both made a run for it as they made their way to the ward.
Everything was lull for a moment as a shade battled to open her eyes and mummy skimmed past her bed space and grabbed a seat like a convicted criminal in the court room, looking all tensed and hoping on jury led by God to have mercy on her and keep daughter safe.
Shade scrambled to seat up as Bukky rushed her like quarter back in a football game, to support her so she wont fall off the leather hospital bed.
A glimmer of hope embraced her mum, as the doctor echoed she will be fine, its just a panic attack; shes fine.
Mummy sandwiched shade in her arms, “Oko mi (my dear)” -with stream of tears flowing freely, forming an ocean patch on her bedspread, as she kept rocking Shade in her arms with clots of mucus flowing from her nostrils, forming a conflux.
Shade couldnt bare her mothers tears particularly because, she knew if she had an incline of what triggered her panic attack perhaps maybe she might throw in the towel.
Shade dished the dirt on her past and the aroma wafted the room, as her mother who was still recovering from the shock of seeing her daughter finish three Cannula intravenous fluids on a stretch with the fourth already halfway flowing throw her veins.
The stench of the smell rumbled Bukky’s abdomen as she tried comprehending what she had just heard having been left in the dark for so many years. She couldnt believe her friend turned sister kept her traumatic rape experience from everyone.
“So you kept a poker face although this years!!!” Mummy exclaimed
Bukola was still in awe, “Why then did you black out? Since it was just a blast from the past”
Mummy sunk her teeth onto Bukky’s skin. “So you knew? You knew all this and you both kept its from me”. She said.
Shade groins in pains “Nobody except God knew ma”
Shade finally lifted the lid on ordeal she passed through in the hands of Kunle the CEO EIDON group companies Nigeria, who also happen to have been recently conferred with title in his home town and also got married in Dubai.
Mogbe!!! You mean all that happened to you and you kept it knowing the man who raped you is getting married to your best friend in Dubai?
Kunle was picked up at the airport after returning from his honeymoon and was whisked away to the police station where he was charged to court. The wall of Jericho fell, not with trumpets, but with the words of the judge who couldnt believe a man well respected in the society could tie a woman up and insert a wood into her, because he saw it in video, forcefully trying it on a lady just to satisfy his addictions.
I hereby sentence you to life imprisonment with hard labor. This will serve as a deterrent to other individuals outside who see women as a sex slave.
The sun set on kunle’s countenance, as the judge pounded the gravel and gave the order for Kunle to be remanded in prison. His whole life had just crumbled to the ground and everything he labored for years were all going to be washed down the drain -by a stone from the past.
20years into kunle’s imprisonment, he encountered Christ and confessed God as his lord and personal savour. This was the last word he muttered on his sick bed as he gave up the ghost.

Written by: TomilyJones

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