The Journey to Fulfilment.

We are all on a journey -on a road full of delays and dead ends with Storm Cloud; with beautiful views, as well as Bright and dark moment. At times, in the journey, we might turn to a wrong path that might lead to wrong direction; but you need to Resurge and find the right direction. Until you find the right path, DON’T STOP – keep on moving; If you can’t fly, RUN; If you can’t run, WALK; If you can’t walk, CRAWL; But never stop moving. Keep on Driving; Keep on Searching. Until you find your DESIRED DIRECTION NEVER STOP MOVING.

Yeah; Some people might ask you – How did you do that? How did you chose to be who you are? -despite all the wounds and the scars! TELL THEM “You just have have to be flexible”. Divergent Life Experiences might bring scars or wound to you, but remember; Wound heals and Scars fades away, and with time, you return to who you are.

I know you don’t care what the scar or wound become afterwards; afterall the knife cuts the child’s hand he throws the knife away but the knife has fulfill its aim. Nonetheless, in spite of all the failure life serves you. “CHANGE WHO YOU ARE TODAY to WHAT YOU WANT TO BE”. Sometimes failure is a FEEDBACK and Not a SETBACK.

Written by: Samad Oluwafemi (

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