Life is (not)!

Life is a marathon, not a Sprint.
There is no point in rushing to reach the top of the mountain and finally arriving at the summit so exhausted that you can’t enjoy the view and realising you left the important people of your lives far below.
Life is a reality, not a movie.
Our life is not some kind of Hollywood blockbuster where all the danger threatens us as we watch munching our popcorn, and knowing it is all just pretence. The forces arrayed against us are real.
Life is choice, not a chance.
We can allow ourselves to go with the flow and see where the it currently takes us, but we do have Control enough to paddle -either the bank or move upstream. Being responsible is to realise our Choices are significant -what we do affects who we are and where we will end up.
Life is transitional, not static.
It has a beginning and an end. It moves in a particular direction. When we live our lives, it is important to know that life is in stages. For every stages, you have to be equipped to deal with whatever you are handed. Cherish every moment and every stage you are in your life.

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