Fear No Thing

The first thing most people do when they sense danger is to fear. Then, they start running without caring about where they go and when they go, they probably eventually fall into another profound danger. Some even collapse or faint whenever they sense one. The question is “why do we fear? Why do we allow ourselves to be engulfed by its venom?”. According to the research on human psychology, people fear what they do not see most. What you do not see or touch could be translated to be void; it contains nothing. Then, why do we fear nothing? Why do we run just because of nothingness and get into real problems? And when what we are actually afraid of comes out eventually, it probably might be something we could even overcome or defeat by just blinking the eyes.
According to death report statistics, practically 45 percentage of people who die in the world each year died from shock, including road accident victims. The word shock used is tantamount to great fear. So, why do we need to shorten our own lives over a figment of our imaginations. Why don’t we stand and face whatever crosses our paths. I know you’d be thinking “what if it was a lion”? But haven’t you heard of the quote “Never turn your back on a lion”? I’m not saying you shouldn’t run when you see something that would kill you. But run and escape without being afraid. That way, the predator may later turn out to be the prey.
Fear makes man vulnerable. One of the ways to overcome it, is to turn on your “anger mode” in the difficult situation that may get you scared. Jackson Katz (2006), the author of The Macho Paradox, writes that “Countless men deal with their vulnerability by transferring vulnerable feelings to feelings of anger. This is because they want to show that they are not weak in that particular situation. Applying this method will get the adrenaline charged and make you overcome the unbelievable. Women who are socialized to direct their anger inwards and to believe that open expressions of anger are not feminine, should not hesitate to show up their rage or anger in danger either. FEAR NO THING; BECAUSE NO THING IS NOTHING BUT NOTHINGNESS.

Written By: Peter Taiwo

4 thoughts on “Fear No Thing

  1. Beautifully expressed. The most beautiful gem of this piece is it’s punch at the fact that most things that scare most of us, are actually things we could have stood to defeat without breaking more than a sweat. My take home herein is to face fears like a warrior faces a foe.

    Thank you for sharing 👏🤗

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  2. Even the Bible supports this wonderful piece. It says “Fear Not”

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