Your Identity

Life is a gift, it was given to you for a purpose. You are who you are and created as you are for a purpose.
God gave you motivation and encouragement to make most of your lives worthwhile; but when the all consuming pursuit of success, having the right look, cloth, car, home, job, or applause becomes your identity, it can and does Rob you of the true person you were created to be.
The desire and need to be accepted by people is so strong that we are often willing to be whoever we need to be -and in the process our true identify is lost. We become self absorbed, selfish, insecured, prideful, and this really messes us up.
I tell you, God put within you the drive to be somebody and placed within you the passion to excel but this can only be possible if you define and identify yourself as a person who is radically loved by God -for this is your true self; any other identity is an illusion.
God wants you to be successful. It is just that his definition of success and the world definition of success is different. We often go through life looking at a distorted image of ourselves because we live in a generation obsessed with physical success.
There’s a little piece of healthy vanity in all of us that makes us want to be noticed and considered attractive. Not only do we care, but we tend to wrestle with insecurities about our appearances and are obsessed with physical beauty.
It is therefore important for us to know what God says about us, know what our true identity really is. It is important we grasp the truth that we are fearfully and wonderfully made in His Image. Your worth should not be found in Possession, Reputation or Title, rather it should be anchored in the love of God -the deep, wide, high, and long love of God.

3 thoughts on “Your Identity

  1. Gbam!!!
    Truer words have never been said!
    Well-done ID!


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