Your Encyclopedia

Life is an instituted journey, it begins and ends whether you are anticipating it or not. When your journey ends, it becomes a sour experience for people you left behind.
The journey is unpredictable because the only who knows every detail of what your journey entails is God -the encyclopedia of your life is in His hands.
Life is a journey in which the traveler is only afforded the opportunity to know his or her birth date but not his or her death date.
A journey in which everyone privileged to embark on the it knows they will end someday, but the traveler doesn’t know how or when.
However, there is hope in Jesus Christ; with Him and only Him can we be able to live a life of purpose, because after our journey here on earth the works of our hands will be assessed by him.
Life is like a coin -when flipped which ever side it gives to you, could be likened to a gift.
A gift could be seen as something given to you whether or not you deserve it.
Which ever one comes your way, please accept and cherish it, don’t grumble!
I am tempted to say, for every soul you meet on earth, there seems to be an encyclopedia containing detailed activities or event which are mandatory to happen. Believe me for everyone you meet in life there is a reason.
Don’t give up cos you aren’t the only person receiving blows or punches from life.
Whatever has been written down in your encyclopedia will surely come to pass.
Written by: TomilyJones

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