Success Ladder

Attaining success in Life is equivalent to climbing a ladder. Many who have tried to climb it have failed; Some never gave it another trial.

The ladder is real! And so is the climbing!

Often, for a successful climbing process towards success, a balance dose of focus is requisite. A balance dose of dedication is required. Yet a balance blend of discipline, determination and dedication wraps it up in grand style.

Climbing the ladder will not be easy. It will be full of testing times and a whole lot of unforseen and unwanted eventualities. Nonetheless, these hurdles are only meant to keep you strong, conscious and resolute during the climbing process.

Aspiring to be like people who have successfully climbed the success ladder is a good thing, but a man’s achievement is largely dependent on his commitment to his assignment.

They have done their part of the climbing, and that’s what makes you aspire to be like them. It’s time for you to do yours!

And remember that success doesn’t comes to lazy people.

So be Determined!
Be Dedicated!
And be Disciplined!

Then see how high you’ll fly on your road to success.

Samad Oluwafemi

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