Living a Fulfilled Life

Everyone is born to this beautiful world to fulfill destiny. No one is born visionless and mission-less; but you can be visionless and mission-less if you choose that path. One beautiful Morning, Afternoon or Night, the world receiveth you -not as nobody but as somebody; because if you are nobody, you won’t be alive reading this piece my dear. Most people feel since I was born to fulfill a destiny, I don’t have to strive to fulfill that destiny. The fact that a seer said you have a Bright Future doesn’t mean you don’t have to strive hard to accomplish that mission. While trying to achieve that Bright Future, testing time is totally unavoidable. You need to understand that nobody is born to suffer and God does everything for a reason. Don’t relent to achieving your desired aim and Objectives in life on account of Testing Times. Life can be brutal sometimes -no doubt- but they are meant to build you stronger and more focused. I’m sure you don’t want to lose everything you have worked for within a twinkle of an eye, only to find out later that you needed the lessons from the Testing Times mainly to manage what you have worked for. Nothing -especially the good- comes easily plus; what we work hard for always stay with us.

No two persons can live their life the same way, not even identical twin that are born in same womb. Everyone is born with separate destiny, mission and vision to accomplish. So, we will do different things to achieve them and sometimes the same thing but in different ways. Take time not to compete with your mate that are moving ahead of you; understand that they are going their own way. So, take time to face yours way squarely. Dont forget we can be running different race on the same track. You might be running 400 meters at that point while others are running 1500 meters race. Hence, moving at their pace will only slow you down. While they are busy doing the necessary thing with their pace movement; you are busy doing unnecessary by moving at other people’s pace. Run your race, you don’t have to worry about finishing first or last. The bottom line is to finish well.

Don’t be defined by others preference. If it not working the way you have planned it, it is definitely working the way God plans it for you which is always the best way if you are faithful and dedicated. To move forward, you need to do away with fake news such as; I’m not Enough, I’m not as good as that person, I should do whatever it takes to fit in, I can’t do it; I have limit and I can’t change.


2 thoughts on “Living a Fulfilled Life

  1. Great job by fellow Trail Blazer.

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  2. Keep up with the good work

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