Dare to Hope

We must dare to hope.
We have strayed and drifted enough.
We have given all the intangible excuses we could come up with.
We have lost sight of what we can accomplish and rather created a nest on the tree of self complacency.
We have built an house on the rock of the comfort zone.
We have embraced and lay down on the bed of mediocrity.
We should endeavor to Purge the mind of the useless garbage and instead fill it to the brim with possibilities.
Liberate the mind, set your goals and change your perceptions for good.
This is not the time to give up or relent but a time to Dare; Dare to Hope.
Look beyond the now, look beyond the irrelevancies, look beyond the inadequacies.
Expand your horizons and Dare to Hope.
Be positively minded and realize the need for change; by this you will be galvanising your potentials and Daring to hope.
Don’t downgrade your hope, instead Dare to Hope!


1 thought on “Dare to Hope

  1. This ia a lovely write up geared towards positivity in life…… Indeed, we need to Dare to hope… Enough of Pessimism

    Liked by 1 person

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