Attack to Succed

Life is full of attacks, the more we move away, the more they move quicker. Life is not a bed of roses; you cant expect everything to come effortlessly. The fact that you get one thing easily doesnt necessarily mean you will get everything with no agog; and the fact that you strive and struggle to get one thing doesn’t mean stressful moments is fastened to your lifestyle. Life can be very brutal sometimes but you need to understand that the brutality is meant to build you stronger and better. Everybody wants to be better than the rest but are we ready to sacrifice for higher purposes? Are we ready to push ourselves beyond all Limitations? The answer lies in you and they are not answers you say out with words from orifice rather they are answers that are provided through Actions, “ACTIONS SPEAKS LOUDER THAN VOICE”

It is imperative to note that success relies heavily on dedication. Dedication, not only to saying you want to be better in life but dedicated to striving hard and do things that will pencil in success to everything and anything you find your hand doing. Starting a project is not a big deal and it is not the success but dedication to finishing well is the real success. The best of man is the one who Think, Plan, Begin and end well.

It is Lucid enough that strings of Life attack might behoove us but in spite of that we need to Think creatively; plan smartly, Execute Brilliantly, Begin Sharply and End Extraordinarily. Any LIFE ATTACK shouldnt stop you from thinking of way out, every one minute spent on thinking and Planning well aid successful execution.

In a nut shell, no matter how habitually you face Life Threaten Attack “it is imperative to relish the opportunity to wear many hats; Strive Hard, Work Tirelessly, Resurge Brilliantly in face of any Attack to Succeed”

#Samad Oluwafemi Olayiwola

2 thoughts on “Attack to Succed

  1. adewaleprosperity November 18, 2018 — 1:46 pm

    Awesome piece

    Liked by 1 person

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