Testing times

You know what, Life is full of testing times. Some tests are easy, some are hard, some we fail, some we pass, and many we take over and over again. But what keeps us going through it all is the measure of our inner growth and persistence.
Whether black or white, great or mediocre, all of us will face challenges. Our response to life challenges determine the level of our adaptability to change and growth.
We often live our lives afraid of the testing times, worrying about uncertainties, second guessing about third hand possibilities. We often live our lives regretting things such as missed opportunities, squandered possibilities and remorseful ramfications.
But we should learn how to disentangle ourselves from this delabitating feelings as there is always a purpose behind each test. You failing a task doesn’t make you a failure and every defeat is a learning process, every failure a school.
What will determine if you are successful will be how you rise to meet challenges, adapt to changes, and maintain your equilibrium, not to mention sanity.
Determine to make the challenges make and not mar you, cos at the end of the day the testing times teaches you insightful and valuable life lessons.
You may be reading this and facing things you have never dreamed you would face is; No matter what your issues are, be encouraged; don’t lose heart. This is a test only a test.
No matter what you are going through right now, determine in your heart that you will never lose your soul over it. In these intense times, stay committed to your dreams. If God has given you this dream, it will surely come to pass.
Don’t give up but instead Look up!!!


4 thoughts on “Testing times

  1. This is a lovely piece ma’am. More knowledge I pray for thee

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  2. May God bless you

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