So many people mistake the word ‘necessity’ for ‘responsibility’. Necessities are unavoidable but you can avoid responsibilities. That is why most people think chasing their career and making money is what makes man a responsible person.

No! Capital NO. Those are necessities. It is a necessity to make money, and it is a necessity to build a career either in a trade or education just to be successful. But taking care of your family is not…doing your rights as a citizen is not either.

This is exactly where I am going. One’s family is one’s responsibility. One’s country is one’s responsibility. The world would have grown better if and only if you do not run away from them. People (youth especially) believe taking no responsibility is freedom but many people want to be associated with the word ‘responsible’ when they are actually far from it. Some even believe that taking no responsibilities could increase the chances of getting rich at an early stage. But this is wrong. I am highly excited to let you know that this does not guarantee you wealth. In fact, taking responsibilities is what makes you summon your determinations and set your goals right. It is what makes you identify your priorities and put to side the irrelevances.

Someone who does not have a responsibility thinks about nothing else than fancy things to lavish money on. So, tell me how that kind of person could get rich at an early stage when money that are supposed to be spent on valuable things are spent on irrelevant things. Things that are supposed to be achieved on time with a responsible mind are now being delayed. For instance, most young men say ‘I’m not ready to be a father. I have to make more money’ when they can actually afford to father a child. I’m highly excited to let you know that it would be difficult to get that “more money”.

The trick here is that ‘the higher the responsibility, the higher the chances to get the so called ‘more money’. Without a responsibility, anyone would settle for less with the phrase or word ‘later’…’I will build my house later, I will invest later since it’s just me alone. In this manner, you should not take your responsibilities with levity. There is an English adage that says “The best way to solve your problems is to face it”. So, brothers and sisters, take your responsibilities and back them tight, they will pave way for you.
Man has to give a positive RESPONSE to a RESPONSIBILITY before he can be said to be RESPONSIBLE.

#Peter Taiwo

3 thoughts on “Responsibility

  1. beautiful write up

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  2. This is wonderful. Responsibility is one of the key to making more money, which also gives a sense of maturity knowing a lot of people are depending on you to put in more. Keep Pushing love the write Up.

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  3. Great wordings. More knowledge I pray thee


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