The act of balance

The balanced man is he whose thought soar on the wings of vision, but whose feet remain on the rocks of reality- J.A Rosenkianz

Life is a balancing act and it is most fulfilling when we learn to embrace its dualities, the ups and downs, good times and bad times, Joy and challenges. It is undeniably true that one year from now, our lives will be better or worse, but it won’t be the same. Our responses to life dualities determines the level of our adaptability to change and growth.
Like a baby developing from stage to stage, life has a way of presenting us with unexpected changes. Nothing is static; rather everything is in a constant state of flux, moving to and fro, forward and backward, high and low tide, low feeling and high feeling, winter and summer, spring and fall.
Balance can only be achieved when we recognize the importance of the various parts of our lives in relation to the big picture. How we handle difficult situations in life says a lot about who we are. How we view them is also an important element in how we will deal with adversity. Some events will wipe out one person but will make another person even more tenacious; it is our reaction to these events that determines their impact on our life.
Whether black or white, great or mediocre, all of us will face challenges. What will determine if you are successful will be how well you rise to meet challenges, adapt to changes, and maintain your equilibrium, not to mention sanity. Indeed, it is often the hard obstacles that test the mettle of our focus, challenge our sense of purpose and become the making or breaking of our live.
Imbalance has turned us into frenzied people spurred on by the exigencies of the moment. We should therefore regulate our pace so as not to fit into another person’s blueprint but to fit into God’s plan. Let’s strive to find a balance by rising above challenges, learning from our mistakes, building upon our blessings, and continuously making adjustments so that we are always on track to serve our highest purpose.

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