The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreamsEleanor Roosevelt
I have heard it said that no person lives above his or her dream… Everybody needs a dream because there is something life, giving in it.
A dream sustains the soul the way food sustains the body. It’s a tragic thing to live with a starving soul.
Those who have great dreams and great destinies locked up within them have to be prepared and willing at times to be singled out and most assuredly to be different.
As a dreamer, you are God’s gift to someone in your life.
God has given you a dream that goes beyond your present mindset, your present mentality, and even your present reality, only if you can permit yourself to dream big!
To dare to dream big is the difference that makes impossibility a reality! Your dreams should go beyond your world; it should touch your future and also manifest it’s purpose in others.
Something very important to understand is that you must seek to succeed, by the beauty of your dreams, wherever you are and if you ever hope to get to where you are going.
Your great dreams will give you the strength to keep going. If you are not where you know your dream said you would be, don’t stop, Keep going!
Don’t go on the strength of what you see, go on the strength of what your dream said and what it showed you. Never underestimate the power of a dream.
Now is not the time to settle, to compromise, or to give up. Now is the time to be tenacious and resolute concerning your dreams.
Don’t let anyone steal your dreams from you!
Keep dreaming your dreams and living the dream.

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