Time they say, wait for no man; which is undeniably true.
Time is not an endless, inevitable cycle where history repeats itself and individual has no influence or control.
Time is a line; it has a beginning and an end. It moves in a particular direction revolving based on how well we can utilize it.
When we live our life, it is important to understand that we are not caught up in some kind of cosmic meaningless whirlpool, where events and circumstances we face each day are controlling our future, and causing us to be people we are.
Time is more like a river. We can allow ourselves to go with the flow and see where the various currents take us, but we do have control enough to paddle to either bank or upstream. Being responsible is to realize our choices are significant -what we do affects who we are and where we will end up.
In short, our future is flexible based on the way we utilize our time!
In Robert Schuller’s word “Yard by Yard, Life is hard; but Inch by Inch, It’s a Cinch. Saddle your dream before you ride” In other words, maximise and plan your time well.


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