Spur of the moment

Ours is a world of individualism and self absorption. We have been desensitized to arrogance by the constant call to self esteem, to believe in ourselves and not in God’s divinity.
A world where pride is only thought of in positive terms; a world that also wonders why the sense of serenity and fulfilment does not follow its self aggrandizement and selfish pursuit.
A world where having it all together is portrayed as a prerequisite for success. Image is everything, so we are rarely honest about our own inadequacies.
Our lives are surrounded by and resolve around trivia.
We live in an age where the sport interests us more than the sunset; our eyes are on details, the picture eludes us.
Too busy watching friends on the television to be friends real life. We are like photographers on a wedding day: so intent on our task of capturing the moment, that to us the photo becomes more real than the life it portrays.
Life is not a dress rehearsal; we must therefore stop now and then to look and ponder. It is important to have a life goal that is bigger than one’s self; to have a cause that goes beyond personal wealth and satisfaction. A cause that will touch the lives of others and bring meaning to our work.
“You will become as small as your controlling desire, as great as your dominant aspiration”-James Allen.

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