Inner growth

It is all too easy, in this high pressure world, to be swept along with the tide; to march in time with the majority. We find ourselves inevitably conforming to the values, opinions and expectation of those that surrounds us.
The inner world is far richer and fuller than anything we could have dreamed of therefore, our personalities, character, goals, and aspirations need to be fed from within rather than from without. Our outward living should be a reflection of who we are on the inside.
We should continually push boundaries, not only in understanding, knowledge and wisdom, but in character, attitudes and endurance. We must realize that success is inside-out, the heart or the inner core of a person is where the hardest work must be done. We must then learn to grow from the inside.
#Noble Niche

3 thoughts on “Inner growth

  1. Thanks you for this piece @Noble Niche……. So inspiring……

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  2. Booommmmm you are not an ordinary being. You are more than what you think you are.

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