Quilt of fulfilment

So many times, we lay aside our original dreams in pursuit of a safer path. “I’ve got to make a living, that will just have to be an hobby”- we say
This statement makes our life comfortable but boring. I firmly believe that when we date to reach past what is practical and follow the beat of our heart, we are sure to arrive at the place of success an prosperity.
Go ahead, pursue that dream you buried. Take that trip you have always wanted to take. Buy that bauble. Take that dance class. Go to the museum. Collect experiences that will make you fascinating. Grab a hold of your life, throw it around your shoulders and strut your stuff.
You can sit and focus on that one little lonely patch in your life, or you can see the beauty and endless possibilities of what you can do for others-for yourself. As you get busy pulling together all the pieces of your life, you will create a beautiful quilt of fulfilment.
#Noble Niche

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